Industry Solutions




Manufacturing Industry


sMnt software saves costs It improves the reliability of the device and the stability of its operation. Help manage spare parts for maintenance can track the progress of the work. Allows managers and supervisors to plan, schedule, prioritize tasks. easily. Make production equipment work efficiently with sMnt's mobile access to the system, technicians can benefit from the system more conveniently. easy to learn. Work assignments quickly Managers have access to the necessary information for timely data-based decision making, such as critical machine-related information machine downtime, overdue PM, insufficient spare parts, emergency work, and various indicators of available resources KPIs help ensure compliance with ISO system regulations, including predictive failure. machine fluid before it happens.


Service Industry


For entrepreneurs in service work if you can plan maintenance in advance, it will be everyone's dream. But when you receive an emergency call with a repair request. and the need for out-of-hours services, it will instantly become a nightmare. If not a powerful task management tool, sMnt has the ability to make sure that the service order was sent correctly. Job list screen makes it easy to record activities better understand customer information and have job details. Make sure the right personnel are assigned in no time. We know that many organizations have many customers. So we make storage and grouping assets according to each customer for easy management and tracking assets for multiple clients people from the same system. No need for whiteboards and notes. Reminds you to use it longer. which field service orders. Helping customers be more satisfied. More efficient workflow. Your organization can be confident that all work will be performed on time with sMnt's powerful service order software.


Buildings and Facilities


sMnt software can be used to maintain buildings and facilities. Enables customers to identify, track, locate and analyze corporate assets. See all labor and material costs It has a simple interface screen. and easy to use. There is an efficient job request system. This is required. The sMnt software makes the job submission and requests for materials. It's easy like sending an email or filling out a web form. Whether it is sent from a customer, internal staff or tenant, enabling timely response to job requests and effective No worries about project audits. Whether it will be completed on time or not comply with the contractual requirements and the availability of the equipment to be used. The challenge of maintaining all your buildings and facilities. This can be solved with the sMnt software solution.


Transport and Vehicles


sMnt is a maintenance software complete trucks and vehicles to help manage fleets. Manage service, preventive maintenance and various repairs which is an important activity for maintenance. Our software solutions Provides the ability to view, overview, track and analyze repair orders. quickly in your fleet. Preventive maintenance can be performed on the vehicle and manage maintenance work on schedule. Using sMnt's fleet maintenance software, your organization will be able to track And can analyze your vehicle usage on a daily or hourly basis, check fuel consumption, check requirements. and related expenses able to supervise all aspects of operation and improve overall satisfaction including efficiency. Various necessary information is displayed. Improves fleet operations efficiency and reduce maintenance costs throughout the organization.


Oil and Gas Industry


With everything related to energy operations efficient maintenance management it becomes challenging and time consuming. It requires the use of the right tools, an effective CMMS. Helping organizations operate safely and reliable. There will be no unplanned maintenance. Reduce maintenance costs and can be used continuously Flexible maintenance management software sMnt's easy-to-use and easy-to-use solutions support oil and gas operations. With all the necessary tools In order to manage maintenance to standard levels, oil, gas, electricity, water and other energy systems across the country must be managed. track history have a maintenance plan Stock systems and more sMnt enables compliance with FERC, OSHA, ISO and EPA standards and regulations, sMnt has a complete tracking, audit, documentation system.


Warehousing and Distribution


Multiple warehouses and distribution centers manage everything within the company from maintenance, forklifts, conveyors and other facilities to work ordering and inventory management. These tasks take a lot of time to make sure everything is working properly and effective from all that work attempts to keep track of maintenance and manage work orders almost impossible especially with maintenance management programs ineffective warehouses and distribution centers around the world are using CMMS to streamline their warehouse maintenance processes. For maximum efficiency to reduce downtime, sMnt can assist in preventive maintenance monitoring, work history logs. and managing parts that is part of your daily work all maintenance can be tracked within your warehouse or distribution center and prepare for various inspections with automatic notification system.


Healthcare Industry


Health care facilities needs comprehensive maintenance management especially with critical assets such as generators, sterilization equipment, X-ray machines, air purifiers, etc., they need efficient solutions. To manage the maintenance of many assets to comply with various regulations and standards including customer care which is of utmost importance it is important not to neglect maintenance. Equipment needed to treat, area of ​​a medical facility must be clean and safe that's where sMnt comes in, making it easy to manage, track and schedule maintenance helps to extend the useful life of assets. Guarantees compliance for critical equipment, helping to verify, track, and track costly spare parts. and prevent device failures. sMnt provides asset management solutions. Fully qualified and effective can assist with maintenance work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, specialized care centers. and other healthcare organizations.


Government Agency


To manage the maintenance of parts and assets for government agencies nothing is more important safety certification, compliance and has a smooth workflow. sMnt is inexpensive that helps government agencies. Able to extend asset life most important. Increase transparency and accountability across your organization. Officials, civil servants, access to up-to-date references. Documents are safe Images of parts and assets can be included. All those documents are stored in the system. sMnt's secure document storage feature allows you to upload, store and share your external documents directly from our software. help government agencies can optimize and making wise decisions.


Educational Institutions


sMnt is the key to maintenance in all educational needs from school, college and university level. sMnt's maintenance management solution offers quick access and it's easy for teachers, coordinators, planners, student care staff and others to handle requests, whatever your institution. Be it a single location or have a global campus, sMnt provides a secure and economical solution. to meet your specific needs help with planning perform property maintenance throughout your facilities such as classrooms, libraries, fitness centers, guest rooms, dormitories and administrative offices. Conveniently track costs. Create an easy calendar of unlimited PMs for buildings and vehicles. Helps avoid unplanned maintenance This increases the useful life of important assets.


Food and Beverage Industry


Health and safety it is a concern for the food and beverage industry. compliance with that rigorous standard It's almost impossible without a powerful CMMS software by your side. With powerful CMMS software make preventive maintenance programs It can increase the life of the property, reduce downtime of food processing equipment and can meet strict health and safety requirements while helping to control maintenance costs to support compliance In the food and beverage industry. sMnt software can provide operators access to manuals and safety procedures. correctly convenient spare parts cataloging. This allows technicians to have up-to-date information for inspection work and perform maintenance work in a food processing plant. Managers can plan, track tasks, manage worksheets and requests. as well as having a helper to manage spare parts in stock asset management Preventive maintenance management (PM), predictive maintenance management, and other program management easier.