An easier way to manage maintenance. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, whiteboards, and hard-to-use maintenance management software. sMnt’s CMMS software is here to put an end to your maintenance headaches and empower your team. Create, complete, and record work orders. Take care of your to-do list without limitations. Track and optimize asset performance. Collect all your asset information in one place and use it to keep equipment available, safe, and productive. Purchase, organize, and use inventory. Take full control of your inventory and get the right parts, at the right time, and for the right price. Collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data. Collect maintenance data on demand and use it to avoid guesswork and hunches. Integrate your CMMS software with any business system. Connect maintenance to the rest of your operation by plugging sMnt into any system without needing to code anything yourself. Manage maintenance from anywhere, at any time. Get everything you need to create, complete, and track work in the palm of your hand with sMnt’s mobile CMMS.



A simpler way to create, complete, and track work orders. Stop struggling with paper work orders. sMnt’s AI-powered work order software makes it easier to submit and respond to requests, keep your records in one place, and automatically analyze 1000s of work orders. Craft the perfect work order. Stop work from falling through the cracks and help your team find, understand, and get started on tasks with fewer headaches. Run your maintenance like clockwork. Create schedules you can stick to, reduce unexpected repairs, and make the most of your resources. Take your work orders mobile. Manage maintenance on the go and work uninterrupted with the sMnt mobile app. Complete your work orders flawlessly. Get the job done without losing time to data entry and administrative tasks. Track and report on work orders. Stay informed on what is and isn’t working for your team with solid work order data.




Easily organize, track, and optimize asset performance. Managing your assets shouldn’t be guesswork. sMnt’s asset management module lets you easily see and manage all equipment information in one place - everything from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more. Organize your assets. Put everything you want to know about your assets in one place and access it in seconds. Track your assets. Collect asset data and use it to plan, schedule, and keep tabs on maintenance without the paperwork or communication gaps. Optimize your assets. Get better insight into the performance and health of critical equipment and turn data into decisions.




A pain-free way to purchase, organize, and use inventory. Take full control of your storeroom so you can get the right parts, at the right time, for the right price with sMnt’s parts and inventory management features. Purchase inventory with confidence. Simplify the way you purchase spare parts without sacrificing quality or overpaying vendors. Organize and use inventory. Create a stockroom that helps your maintenance team instead of holding it back. Inventory tracking and reporting. Track inventory levels, costs, and usage to make data-driven decisions quickly. 




Manage maintenance from anywhere, at any time. Everything you need to get the job done is in the palm of your hand with sMnt’s mobile CMMS app, even if you can’t connect to the internet. Easily create, find, and assign mobile work orders. Take care of your to-do list without limitations. Access parts and asset information on the go. Carry the must-know details of your equipment in your pocket. Work remotely without a hitch. Run your maintenance team from anywhere.





maintenance data. Stop hunting through binders and spreadsheets to create reports. Start getting actionable insights on demand with sMnt’s CMMS. Dashboards that power maintenance. See real-time KPIs, create benchmarks, and make data-driven decisions without sifting through a mile of numbers. Reports that deliver insights in seconds. Collect maintenance data with extensive and customizable reports and use that information to make everything from daily tasks to yearly planning much easier. Maintenance logs that make audits and compliance a breeze. Eliminate the stress of preparing for audits with comprehensive asset and work order tracking. 




Connect your CMMS to any system. Extending the capabilities of your CMMS shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Easily connect, collect and share data, and trigger work across any system, with sMnt’s Integration Hub. Stay connected to key information, optimize workflows across systems, and trigger work orders based on real-time asset use or condition data. Built on a completely open cloud platform, sMnt’s Integration Hub offers endless easy ways to sync applications, data, and workflows. Capture key data by connecting to 1000s of endpoint sources across multiple systems including:

  1. Equipment level data like PLCs and historians
  2. Sensors and IoT data
  3. Production data like MES, SCADA and other production systems
  4. Fleet and telematics like off-highway, and fleet equipment
  5. Business systems and ERPs




Get more from your CMMS in less time. Crush your maintenance goals quickly and confidently with sMnt’s team of training, implementation, and support specialists. Getting started with sMnt. Set up your CMMS so even the biggest tech haters love it. Launch sMnt on time and on budget with the help of our training and implementation team. Scaling your CMMS success. Get the resources to destroy downtime, make your budget go further, and hit any other maintenance goal you have. 


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